Eliza Dushku Zooey Sunglasses

I know how fans love to get the latest scoop on their favorite celebrity style trends, so i felt obligated to share this snapshot of our beloved Eliza Dushku, donning a cute pair of sunglasses by Oliver Peoples.

Model name is Zooey, and the design is somewhat reminiscent of those wildly popular wayfarers all the cool kids are wearing. But if Ms. Dushku likes Oliver Peoples Zooey, then i do as well.

But before you rush out to buy a pair, hold on to your pants, because these designer sunglasses sell for around $300 garbanzo beans

Eliza Dushku Bra Size

I know a lot of you wild and crazy kids have plenty of questions about Eliza Dushku, and believe you me, this blog is prepared to answer just about anything you shoot our way.

The burning question of the day is "what is Eliza Dushku's bra size".

This way actually pretty easy information to locate, as many blogs and websites have her bra size listed as being 32C.

Sounds believable to me, but a lot of other people seem to think she is smaller. How about you?

Eliza Dushku Birthday (30th)

Eliza Dushku has a big birthday coming up at the end of this year, and believe it or not she this will be her 30th birthday.

Eliza Dushku doesn't look a day of 23 years old. She still has that baby soft looking skin!

Her date of birth is December 30, 1980.

Eliza Dushku Net Worth

I just found this website that lists the money net worth of famous star celebrities, however much to my dismay they didn't have Eliza Dushku listed, so i was hoping some of you good folks would help me out.

Do you know what Eliza Dushku's net worth is? Let me know!

Eliza Dushku Height

As an Eliza Dushku fan, it entitles us to wonder about every aspect of her, including how tall she stands.

I found out that Eliza Dushku's height is 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Let me know, are you surprised by these findings or did you expect her to be at this height.

Eliza Dushku Perfect Teeth

Lets all take a moment and admire the fabulously perfect teeth of Eliza Dushku.

Absolutely straight and amazing white shade, equals a perfect smile/teeth combination.

How else goes wild over a beautiful woman with a pristine smile?

Eliza Dushku Plastic Surgery

Word on the street says that the lovely Eliza Dushku has went under the knife and opted for plastic surgery.

They claim she had a nose job and cheek implants (see here).

You gotta admit her nose does look a little more sculpted, but her cheeks only look bigger due to weight gain.

How do you feel about these plastic surgery claims?